jeudi 13 juillet 2017

Charlotte’s Golden Feet - (High Quality Version)

Charlotte’s Golden Feet - (High Quality Version)  
Charlotte is the kind of sexy lady who really takes pleasure to dominate this loser slave at her feet so that was kind of a night where she really took advantage of him as a good slave! She was in the bathroom for over twenty minutes, and nobody knows what she really did, but it seems like she actually had peed inside her boots by accident! That was after a long night of party, so there was a bit of pee on the toilet, a bit on the floor, and a bit inside her boots! That was kind of a mess! Charlotte has to take her boots off for her personal needs, but she realized that the inside of her boots was kind of warm and wet when she puts back her boots on! She really didn’t liked the feeling on her feet so she calls this loser slave to make him bow down on his knees! She makes him take her boots off, then just rub her cute warm and wet fishnets feet around his nose! She makes him sniff her feet, and makes him stick his tongue out to taste the bottom of her golden fishnets feet! The taste was kind of weird, but it seems like she just didn’t give a fuck! She rubs her sweaty golden feet all over his face, and makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her feet! She also threats him to pee right on his face, and also right inside his filthy mouth if he is not doing the job right! Charlotte is the kind of woman you have to listen and obey carefully! Don’t fuck with her, or you might be in big trouble! (
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Charlotte's Golden Feet - (High Quality Version)

Charlotte's Golden Feet - (Full HD 1080p Version)