mardi 19 juillet 2016

Alycia’s Boxing Night - (High Quality Version)

Alycia’s Boxing Night - (High Quality Version) 

Alycia is a big fan of boxing events so it seems like it was just the perfect night to watch a few fights on TV! That was a very long day with her perfect feet inside her dirty sneakers so she wants to watch the main event of the night with her footslave at her feet! She just uses his head as a footstool to rest her feet, but since he doesn’t stop complaining about it, she makes him take her sneakers off to smother his face with her sweaty black and white socks! This way, he won’t talk! She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks while watching this boxing event on television! She also makes him stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! It seems like she just wants to keep him busy! Alycia really enjoys to use his face as a footstool, so she also makes him take her socks off with his teeth to smother his face again with her sweaty naked feet! She makes him take some deep breaths in her feet and also stick his tongue out to lick and clean all the sweaty bottom of her soles! It seems like his face is just perfect to fit under Alycia’s precious feet! Hot Clip! 

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Alycia's Boxing Night - (High Quality Version)

Alycia's Boxing Night - (Full HD 720p Version)