dimanche 21 février 2016

Carolina & Mandy’s Interview - (High Quality Version)

Carolina & Mandy’s Interview - (High Quality Version) 

Carolina and Mandy are actually looking for someone to do all the shitty work at the office and it seems like it’s your chance to get this job! They want you to bow down on your knees for the interview and they want to know about your abilities! They want to know if you are ready to do anything to get thing job so they both take their boots off to completely cover your face with their sweaty nylon feet! You will have to deal with their sweaty feet on your face everyday as footstool if you get the job so they want to know if you can deal with it! They both rub their sweaty nylon feet all over your face so you have no choice to smell them! They also want you to stick your tongue out and lick the sweaty bottom of their nylon soles! Make sure you lick and clean all that sweat if you want this job! Hot Clip! 

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Carolina & Mandy's Interview - (High Quality Version)

Carolina & Mandy's Interview - (Full HD 720p Version)

Carolina & Mandy's Interview - (Full HD 1080p Version)