mercredi 21 octobre 2015

Cassandra’s Sleepy Feet - (High Quality Version)

Cassandra’s Sleepy Feet - (High Quality Version) 

Cassandra is really tired after a long working day with her leather shoes in her feet so it seems like the timing was just perfect for a little rest! She sits on the couch and slowly takes her shoes off to lay down on that couch right in front of her slave. She seems really comfortable with that blanket and fall asleep on the couch but it seems like her sweaty feet are accidentally coming out from that blanket! Her slave is now in a perfect position to take some deep breaths in her sweaty nylon feet! They were super stinky so he just takes advantage of the situation and rubs his nose all over her sweaty nylon feet while she is actually sleeping! Cassandra also accidentally moves her sweaty feet all over his face and again he is just taking advantage! The slave actually sticks his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles and also takes some deep breaths inside her shoes while she couldn’t really pay attention! Super Hot Clip Alert! 

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Cassandra's Sleepy Feet - (High Quality Version)

Cassandra's Sleepy Feet - (Full HD 720p Version)