dimanche 29 juillet 2018

Avery’s Instructions - (Full HD 1080p Version)

Avery’s Instructions - (Full HD 1080p Version)
Avery also loves to tease you all the time with her sweaty socks and feet, so that was just another perfect timing to take advantage of your weaknesses after a long workout session at the gym! She knows for sure that you would be ready to do anything to have her sweaty socks and feet on your face, so she teases you with her sneakers on, before she takes them off to reveal her sweaty socked feet! She just dangles her feet on her back, while making fun of your desires. At a certain point, Avery turns on the other side, just to rub her sweaty gym socks all over your face! She wants you to smell them, and lick the sweaty bottom of her socks! She just loves to tease you with her feet! It seems like it’s your lucky day! Avery also peels her socks off to reveal her sweaty naked feet! She wants you to smell them again, and just lick the bottom of her soles like a good devoted loser slave! She also wants you to suck on her toes, just because she wants to. She loves to have her sexy sweaty toes inside your mouth after a long workout session! Are you sure you can take it? Avery also gives you the permission to touch your dick with your right hand at the end of the clip, to jerk off your self, and cum on top of her sweaty naked feet! She loves it when it’s warm. Make sure you please her right! 
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Avery's Instructions - (Full HD 1080p Version) 

Avery's Instructions - (High Quality Version)