vendredi 4 mai 2018

Dolores’s Private Session - (Full HD 1080p Version)

Dolores’s Private Session - (Full HD 1080p Version)
Dolores recently asked me if I would know someone who could give really nice foot massage in my neighborhood, because she is really working a lot recently so she would really needs it. I told her that I would be more than happy to do it for her if she would be ready to give me the chance to do it! She also asked about my massage skills, so I told her that I have over ten years of experience in that domain. She was not so sure about it, but she was ready to give me that chance, but at only one condition. She will give me that opportunity to massage her feet, but only if I can do it, right after her work, because that’s the time of the day where she needs it the most! That seems to me like a fair deal. 

Dolores came to my home, and it seems to me like she was totally ready for that session! I told her that the wine is always included in my foot massage session, and she could also watch a movie while I am taking some good care of her feet! Dolores makes me take her boots off, then immediately covers my face with her sweaty white socks! She has been wearing the same pair of white socks for a few days, and she is coming right from work, so that was really intense, but she wanted to make that there was no problem with me about this. The smell was really strong, and they were totally stinky, but I could not complain since she was ready to give me a try for that private session! She rubs her sweaty white socks all over my face while relaxing and drinking her wine, and I did my best to serve as a good footstool, and do not disturb. Dolores also asks me if I would have a solution for the dirt and the smell of her socks, so I immediately start licking them, and did my best to make her happy to fix this problem. She seems to really enjoy that private session! 

Dolores also asks me to take her socks off, so I slowly take them off with my teeth, and she starts to pushes both of her dirty socks in my mouth with her toes and her lovely smile! She makes me take some deep breaths in her feet, just to give them some fresh air, and makes me stick my tongue out to refresh and lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! I just had no choice to obey her instructions since I really wanted to be her private foot massager for her next sessions! Dolores also makes me suck on her toes, and clean all the dirt right in between each of her toes! They were so tasty, but she seems to be very ticklish! The complete version of this clip is actually twenty eight minutes, and I have to say that it’s a really intense twenty eight minutes session! Dolores is hot as hell, so I told her that she could come back anytime for a free foot worship session! I will always offer my services for free, and i guess it’s a lifetime subscription! 
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Dolores's Private Session - (Full HD 1080p Version) 

Dolores's Private Session - (High Quality Version)

Dolores's Private Session - (Ultra HD 4K Version)

Dolores's Private Session - Complete Version - (High Quality Version)