vendredi 9 mars 2018

Barbara’s Sweaty Feet Challenge - (Full HD 1080p Version)

Barbara’s Sweaty Feet Challenge - (Full HD 1080p Version)
Barbara also heard about our sick and twisted sweaty socks challenge, and it seems like she really wanted to give it a try and take advantage of that situation! We told her that our slave would have to deal with her sweaty socks and feet in his face for two hours and a half to win this challenge. And if he can’t do it? She easily makes a two hundred dollar bonus! She really made sure to make her socks super sweaty and stinky inside her sneakers, because she really wanted to win this challenge, so she has been wearing those cute socks for a full week! She just makes sure that the rules are clear with her slave, before she gives him the call to take her sneakers off, and totally covers his face with her sweaty funny socks! The smell was so intense, that was sick, but that’s part of the deal and there is not much we can do about it! Barbara takes pleasure to rub her sweaty socks all over his face, with a cruel smile of satisfaction, and starts the first episode of her favorite series on Netflix! Let’s hope she’s having a good time! She makes this loser slave take some deep breaths in her socks, and makes him stick his tongue out to lick the dirty bottom of her socks! She also asks for a foot massage while she is just relaxing on the couch, and enjoying her TV show! Barbara also needs to give some fresh air to her feet, so she makes her slave take her socks off with his teeth, and smother his face again with her sweaty naked feet! She just takes pleasure to rub them all over his face, and makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! That was so hot! The complete version of this clip is actually forty-eight minutes, so that means that it was another easy win for one of our girls! Barbara is hot as hell is this clip and really had fun dominating this loser slave for the first time! She said it really made her feel like a real Princess by having someone taking some good care of her feet like that! I hope you guys will enjoy this clip as much as I do! Barbara is adorable! 
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Barbara's Sweaty Feet Challenge - (Full HD 1080p Version) 

Barbara's Sweaty Feet Challenge - (High Quality Version)

Barbara's Sweaty Feet Challenge - (Ultra HD 4K Version)

Barbara's Sweaty Feet Challenge - Complete Version - (High Quality Version)