jeudi 17 août 2017

Cassandra’s Human Furniture - (Full HD 1080p Version)

Cassandra’s Human Furniture - (Full HD 1080p Version)
Cassandra likes to take advantage of this loser slave all the time, but especially after a long summer day with her lovely feet inside her converse! She sweats a lot during the day, so she always likes to use his face as a footstool to rest her sweaty tired feet! She is planning to watch a few episodes of her favorite series so she just snaps her fingers and makes him lay down on the floor. She just poses her feet on his face with her converse, but it seems like she needs to give her feet some fresh air! She makes him take her sneakers off, and completely covers his face with her sweaty light blue socks! They actually look clean, they are brand new socks, but they were really warm and sweaty after that long summer day. She just rubs them all over his face, and makes him stick his tongue out to taste her precious sweat at the bottom of her socks! Cassandra also wants to give some fresh air to her feet, so she makes him take her socks off with his teeth, to smother his face with her sweaty naked feet! She takes pleasure to rub her smelly feet all ove this face, and makes him stick his tongue out again, to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! Cassandra also stands up at the end of the clip to make him suck on her toes, but she wants her toes really really deep inside his mouth! Another Hot Clip Alert!
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Cassandra's Human Furniture - (Full HD 1080p Version) 

Cassandra's Human Furniture - (High Quality Version)

Cassandra's Human Furniture - (Ultra HD 4K Version)