mardi 16 mai 2017

Donella’s Sleepy Feet - (High Quality Version)

Donella’s Sleepy Feet - (High Quality Version)  
Donella is coming back from another long working day so it seems like she needed to relax and rest her tired feet! That was a very long day with her feet inside her high heels shoes so she sits on the bed and just takes her shoes off to lay down on the bed, but on the opposite side of her slave. She knows that this loser slave is totally addicted to her feet so she probably also knows that she will have full attention on her feet by putting her tired feet right on his face! She just pretends that it’s kind of an accident, and just rubs her sweaty naked feet all over his face! She could also feels his hard cock right on her butt so she knew at this time that her feet would have full attention! The slave takes pleasure to lick and sniff Donella’s sweaty feet while she was just faking to sleep! He licks her sweaty tired feet from heels to toes with passion, and also sucks on her toes like a good devoted loser slave! It seems like she totally knows how to get his full attention on her feet! 
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Donella's Sleepy Feet - (High Quality Version)

Donella's Sleepy Feet - (Full HD 1080p Version)