samedi 2 janvier 2016

Carolina & Mandy’s Ebay Shopping - (High Quality Version)

Carolina & Mandy’s Ebay Shopping - (High Quality Version) 

Carolina and Mandy feels like shopping some new shoes on the internet and it seems like they both want to do it with this loser slave at their feet! That was a very long day with their feet inside their hot boots so there is just nothing better than a human footstool to rest their feet! Mandy is the first one to take her boots off and then just covers slave’s face with her sweaty nylon feet! Carolina also takes her boots off so the slave is now in a position where he must deal with four sweaty nylon feet on his face! They both shop on the internet while totally ignoring the slave and just rub their smelly feet all over his face! Mandy seems to really enjoy to wipe her foot on his tongue! They both take pleasure to use his face as a footstool each their turns and they both wipe their sweaty nylon feet all over his tongue and make him lick it! The way they totally ignore the slave is just perfect! Super Hot Clip Alert! 

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Carolina & Mandy's Ebay Shopping - (High Quality Version)

Carolina & Mandy's Ebay Shopping - (Full HD 720p Version)